Victim's Advocate Program


It is important to realize in today's society that for every crime there is always a victim. Sometimes a victim needs protection further than what a family or a friend can offer. Therefore, the Santee Police Department has established a Victim's Advocate for just that purpose. Chief Joseph Serrano is the appointed representative for Santee. The Santee Police Department is a member of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Victim's Advocate. Chief Serrano, Sergeant at Arms for the SCLEVA has said, "I really care about those that I assist and realize that anyone could be subject to victimization. I treat my victims the way I would want to be treated. It is so important to be sensitive and have an understanding that the same situation never affects everyone in the same capacity."


  • To collaboratively enhance crime victims services in our state.
  • To provide professional development through advancing education.
  • To install "best practices" policies.
  • To protect the fundamental rights and dignity of crime victims.
  • To remain apprised and well versed on the development of legislation and social policies supporting the interests of crime victims.
  • To provide vision and leadership.
  • To promote mentoring and networking.


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