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Hospitality Tax Form (Special Events)


Temporary Licensing - Santee Conference Center Events


Section 1. License Required.

Every person engaged or intending to engage in any calling, business, occupation or profession, in whole or in part, within the limits of the City/Town of Santee, South Carolina, is required to pay an annual license tax for the privilege of doing business and obtain a business license as herein provided.

Therefore, all caterers, bartenders, photographers, entertainers, coordinators, decorators/florists, etc. are required to obtain a Temporary Town of Santee business license to engage in services at Santee Conference Center.

All licenses must be obtained 30 days prior to the event.

In addition to the required Town of Santee license, all caterers operating at the Conference Center are required to have a caterer’s license issued by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC).

Caterers are also required to submit to the Town of Santee, a 2% hospitality tax on gross receipts from the sale of food/beverages. Hospitality tax is payable at the time business license tax is due.

Please note: If family or friends are providing services for an event free of charge they are also required to obtain a business license.

Please hand deliver or mail completed application, copy of caterer’s and driver’s license, and hospitality tax form (if applicable) to: Attn.: Licensing, Town of Santee, PO Box 1220, 194 Municipal Way, Santee, SC 29142.

Please call 803.854.2152 ext. 2 for any questions regarding licensing.


Temporary/One Day Business License Fee Schedule


Gross Receipts


$ 0 - $250


$ 251 - $500


$ 501 - $750


$ 751 - $1,000


$1,001 - $1,250


$1,251 - $1,500


$1,501 and above

Regular Fee for Classification





Services Must Be Performed Within a 24 Hour Period or Less.

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