Welcome to Santee, South Carolina !






I welcome you to our town, where we are committed to peace, performance and prosperity through promoting our town’s future and celebrating our past.

Though Santee is a small town of fewer than 1,000 people, there are many reasons we attract more than 100,000 visitors annually from all parts of the globe — convenience for starters. Santee is located on the south shore of Lake Marion, the largest freshwater lake in the state of South Carolina, and Interstate 95 dissects our town. In Santee, we pride ourselves on good old-fashioned Southern Hospitality: being able to provide the numerous visitors to our area with top quality products and services — along with laid-back lakeside living — at a fair cost...View the full letter from our Mayor! 


A Staff Meeting will be held on Tues July 16 from 4 pm. to 5 pm. The Town Hall will be closed at this time. 

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